Mylar Shelter

Professional Emergency blankets

These Mylar space blankets can retain up to 90% of body heat, making them ideal for emergency situations. Each emergency survival blanket is waterproof, rip-resistant, and tear-resistant, ensuring you are prepared for any situation. Thermal Blanket for Car: Our emergency Mylar thermal blankets are perfect for keeping in your car. The Mylar survival blankets are suitable for hiking, marathons, and other outdoor activities, as well as being a part of an emergency kit.


Our 82″ x 52″ emergency space blanket is a crucial addition to your survival gear.





Space blankets designed to retain body heat and provide insulation in extreme conditions  Thermal blankets suitable for a variety of emergency situations, from outdoor adventures to car emergencies.  An essential addition to your car kit with an emergency cover for on-the-go readiness.  Reflective foil blankets that help regulate body temperature and prevent hypothermia.
Solar blankets offer extra protection from the elements and help you stay warm while out in the sun.   This mylar emergency blanket is an essential addition to your gear and survival gear. These space blankets are designed to provide vital insulation and retain body heat in the most extreme conditions, making them indispensable for outdoor adventures, camping, hiking or any other situation where staying warm and safe is essential.   The price of these blankets for 10 pieces is only $17.

Appearance and construction

Appearance of the survival foil:  The foil-like appearance of these blankets not only improves their heat-reflecting properties, but also makes them highly visible from a distance. This visibility can be crucial for signaling help in emergency situations. Whether you’re camping, hiking in the wilderness, backpacking, or taking part in any outdoor adventure, these blankets are a must-have. They significantly contribute to safety and readiness in unpredictable outdoor conditions
Tear-resistant construction  The blankets are designed to be tear resistant. This durability ensures that they remain effective and intact in harsh outdoor situations, where they may come into contact with sharp objects or uneven terrain.

Packaging and purpose

The Emergency Blankets Survival kit comes in packs of 10, and each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. They are reusable, providing you with plenty of warmth when necessary. Perfect for emergency situations where warmth or protection from inclement weather conditions is required. Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining up to 90% of a user’s body heat. The Emergency can also be used as a bivouac sack, backpack cover, rain poncho, emergency signal, shade cover, dust shield, arm sling, sleeping bag liner, wind blocker, water collector, trail marker.

Multipurpose blanket for emergencies

Thermal Blankets will not only keep you warm during an outdoor emergency in a freezing environment. It’ll also keep your body temperature stable in case you find yourself in an emergency under the hot scorching sun by deflecting the heat from the sun when used as a shelter. Thermal Blankets are not only for survival situation use, they’re also perfect for emergency response personnel use for treating patients with post accident shock. The packaging is so compact and light weight, several packs can fit in EMT jump bags or outdoor adventure backpacks. Thermal Blankets are so affordable and you even get more value with this 10-piece package. Don’t let the price tag fool you. These thermal blankets are made of top-quality materials. The thick Mylar foil is very tough and can withstand even the harshest of outdoor weather conditions.